Insights Portal easy collaboration around the globe

Reduce your time to biological insights

Our Insights are available through an innovative web-based portal which serves as a central collaboration tool and data repository. This portal facilitates seamless data and image exchange between CROs, laboratories, trials sites, and your Definiens experts. You can access all project-relevant data from anywhere in the world at any time, thereby expediting and streamlining your projects.

Consolidate all project information (digital images, result data, reports, and more) in one central space for improved & accelerated collaboration

Benefit from full transparency along the course of your projects with respect to status of image data and result delivery, allowing you fast and direct Insights generation

Apply data governance across programs & use a central data repository in compliance with strict security & data-safety standards including a customizable audit-trail functionality

Use one platform throughout all stages of your project

With our web-based Insights portal you can easily interact with your Definiens experts at any time from any place in the world. All project documents are stored in one place and thus avoid redundancy of data and increase efficiency. You can easily communicate with your CRO, trial site, or laboratory to give input for review and discussion!

Get to biological insights faster

All project data and results are available whenever you need it, not requiring any sort of system installation. Accelerate the process with unmet efficiency of annotation generation and result review through access of multiple stains side-by-side. Using the Insights Portal you can review pre-configured charts and investigate the findings. Interactive displays provide the linking of results to data and images enabling a fast and easy project review.

Rely on regulatory standards

The Insights Portal is able to cover projects under design control and is prepared for your clinical regulatory requirements. Strict user rights management, long term archiving possibilities, and a customizable audit trail ensure that your projects meet regulatory standards.

Go beyond image analysis with Definiens Insights Services and the Insights Portal

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